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Sisters dancing with brothers... Merengue in action Max and Heidi practicing Merengue dance.
Practice, practice! Spinach pizza pie! Can
The fruits of our (their) labor :-p Homemade pizza night! The Halloween Tree
The Halloween Bunch The Halloween Bunch
Elly May, Jed, Granny, Jethro, Elly May (l. to r.) This isn
And this is a cake!!! This is also a cake! Daisy May "Granny" Moses
Jethro Bodine Marilyn Twins? Prior to the movie showing ("Forest Gump")
I can
Joanne made the barkeep is if some of the gals got up and danced. The only way we could take photos...
I hope the bouncers are standing a couple of steps up from the two guys in front
White truffles... About $200/ounce (~$3200 shown here)
Nutella Rocks Looking down what used to be part of Nabisco
Eating lobsters with plastic forks and knives sure must be a challenge! A baker
The stone bench Looking at the Meat Packing District
The wonderful Adamo limousine bus Doing our part to move goods out of NYC A delivery van
Exotic deserts Beautiful desserts The meat counter
The fish counter Selecting the best pomegranates
In front of Fairway, a giant market Baked fresh hourly
The world Delicious spreads Taste testing is half the fun
Violators will be embarrassed! Use tongs with the olives. An olive oil for every taste Over 10,000 pounds of coffee sold per week
She counts the money!
Finding goodies Looking for goodies The bread counter
The bread counter Getting smoked salmon
Getting smoked salmon Getting a delicious strudel Strudel and Kinish
Prepared Chicken Meals Lox cutters Lox cutters
The Smoked Fish/Lox Counter Delectable Seafood Meat Counter
Cheese and more cheese The view from the cheese Cheese counter
Back of the Limo
yeah right... a hair-dryer?? where the heck is that?
now THAT is amazing! do you guys remember this dude?? martha taught us about this artist i think...
wow. i wouldnt want my bike to be stuck in the middle of that... thats so cute! he looks like a little pom-pom with wings! haha. this is one of my favorites.
haha. ok. if i was the one who had to take this picture, i would probably have a heart attack
they this is one of my favorites. it looks so mystical... like an eye... isnt the sunlight beautiful?
im not sure if that tree isnt that so cool? its taken on a boat looking at those sting ray-like things! the snow is up to the freakin top of the telephone poles!!!!! thats crazy!
i think caroline and i were there with our family. it was designed by Gaudi. i think this was taken during the great depression.. sad :( isnt that amazing?? it looks like its all covered in lime green moss...
doesn "happy new year everyone" "happy new year mommy!"
drumming in the new year hiding out on new year first slow dance
fam-a-mee! "mommy, help, it was just a kiss." "enough talk, let
"so how did you like the ceremony?" flower girl leads the way isabel and the bride
brushing her teeth before the wedding christmas morning madhouse cookie gets a checkup
unwrapping presents enjoying the results trimming together
isabel picked the star herself conveniently out of reach last one on the lot
shopping for a christmas tree joyful girl aunt pam and uncle marc
"i a visit from friends winter wonderland
"look dad, it the toy that got away sharing toys with eric
isabel fishies! watching TV with mom
racing cars down the track anna play date "i think we missed a house, mom"
happy girl at it again on another day trick-or-treating
she catches on quick first trick or treat halloween tiger
izzy in the big corn maze playing in the corn
exploring the little corn maze isabel shows crissi the XO paula tries the XO laptop
at the ice cream shop isabel OLPC headquarters
making the scene through charlotte amalie checking in at the airport layover in san juan
hanging at the philly hotel isabel checks our reservations paula packs for our two-week trip
until next year, caneel! waiting to go home paula says goodbye
magic calm of hawksnest bay dinner with a view last night at the equator
yes, the water really is that color topside tim and paula "mosey" takes another trip
taking a breath at the top turtle rises to the surface breakfast buffet
relaxing at day more appetizers! donkey!
the equator from below washing off the salt wave walking
"are you sure this is safe, dad?" world streak now!
beneath the sea grape tree asleep in her crib "i could get used to this!"
asleep in mommy "okay, enough." "... and giggle, and giggle..."
"mommy makes me giggle!" paula spots another lizard dinner at the equator
 rhythm section being a baby isa gets the groove
drying off radiant paula on a trip from town lunch at the limetree
our beach and room across hawksnest bay the british virgins in the distance izzy takes in the view
windmill on peace hill paula zerkle, wildlife photographer our tenth wedding anniversary
hanging on the sunset terrace ... and yard patio ...
baby with very long legs undersea tim undersea paula
paula sweet talks a free cigar box for her shells "ooh!  an appetizer!" father-daughter noontime glaze
giggles a sharing a secret "must ... watch ... tiki ..."
matching mommy out to eat on our own sunset over saint thomas
twilight "i shopping with new friends
cruz bay at night caneel from above isa rides the waves
stylish beach bums "you guys are a  riot!" nightly bed dancing
turn-down includes a shell and a saying "okay, i "this is fun, dad!"
out for a hike satisfaction isabel
hawksnest bay, beneath the waves hawksnest bay, outside our room isa makes a friend
caneel traffic jam strolling the grounds hanging on the hammock, just outside our room
"where are you guys gonna sleep?" isabel meets the caribbean in our room at last
first glimpse of caneel babe in the breeze boarding the caneel ferry
"okay, i shopping for baby backpacks stress relief
"hi baby!" two kids playing "genious, shm-enius ... i know more than these guys"
isabel tries on her bathing suit "okay, get me out of this thing" rasberry in a blanket
"i "this party "congratulations!"
"can we play after I finish the book-keeping?" "what?  this isn tim
"all for me" baby thoughtful
"facing front is cool!" strolling the towpath happy
perplexed shy satisfied
ready for the beach all this for *one* baby isabel
"so you press this button here" waiting for mom to finish work "be sure to choose free shipping"
"here, i "really fun!" "mommy, you
the spoils of victory tallying their winnings "it
animatronic fun baby sweetness
"aw, come on guys, you had me at hello" the new *legal* family, and their notary on the phone with the judge
the big day arrives quite a spread picnic at the little lehigh
kitties are soft robin fueling up for a picnic groovy mime outfit
wrapping paper bonfire aflame spring equinox party
releasing holiday angst private moment with "stretch" "i like my jumper better!"
testing new merchandise shopping at isa "i like flashy things"
"the camera loves me!" a visit to mommy izzy at a client meet
"this one runs faster" "this one runs fast" little isa at the little lehigh
crossing a covered bridge "good morning dad!"
Heidi pretends to tie her ribbon for her pointe shoe. In the spirit of "Ballet Rehearsal/Class" -- Edgar Degas
In the spirit of "Two Dancers on Stage" -- Edgar Degas
Mrs. Schubert tweaks the pose
"Bye for now!"
What a beauty "I Back to work for Paula
"and smells good." "and soft..." "She
"I like my mommy..." Fishies! "So where
ready to go home
dinner at the rokke snoozy now
sly smile happy to see isabel! happy to see robin
happy to see mom dad first flower
three hold "Dad, we dinner with friends
little girl on big chair "I like having my own room!" a meal and a story
bedtime in her own room perplexed by the phone "Yay!  My room is done!"
Surveying the baby room Paula feathers the nest "Your crib shows up today!"
izzy grabs her first pen "So cute I can happy happy baby
"Hey Dad, are we done yet?" Izzy Shopping for cribs in Philadelphia
"A two hour road trip?" "Morning baby!" "Morning Mom!"
sweet moment at home conferring with Rex and Mr. Mouse Isabel
"How "I like my Big Girl Chair" then she learns to grab
first she learns to hold mesmerized by the fire paula balances work and family
down and down round and round Mark and Iz
family shot Izzy "Lotsa people like me, huh."
Izzy meets her Uncle Mark Paula sings some Beatles tunes "Okay, one more stop"
Central Park stroll FAO Schwartz shopping Paula hits the Big-time
walking city streets "Where "Okay, I
"We can go to the park, and museums, and toy stores" "Welcome to New York City, baby!" plowing through presents
our only big storm of the winter "Sunset?  What sunset?" isabel jamming out
Welcome to 2006 baby! Reading Olivia (by another Falconer) on New Year Snow before New Year
"Okay, now I A whole lotta kicking going on Isabel awash in color
"Dad, I think you better refactor that code." Tim the executive hard at work Toni and Jean come the next day
Jon, Sue, and their girls come for a visit peaceful "This is much better."
"Aw mom.  It looks more fun outside." Showing Isabel the piano "So Mom, we do that present thing every year?"
Dessert a la baby What a feast! Robin and Paula at the kiddie
Liz with Isabel at Christmas dinner Isabel groks the present thing right away joyful
"So Isabel, the true meaning of Christmas is PRESENTS." Christmas Morning hanging by the tree
finished on christmas eve inspecting dad visions of sugar plums
twilight feeding quick bath izzy sleeps on a fake sheep
izzy meets a dog izzy meets a cat "Okay, Dad ... I
"Let getting the tree on solstice night "oh, and there was music too, right?"
"No more parties, yippy!" Izzy hanging at the shower
cake and more cake Larry is dressed for the occasion "Wake up for your baby shower, baby"
"Read it again mommy!" isabel beverly meets isabel
another party!  this one for all moravian keith and candy with iz vespers is over!
hello bear mom and daughter at play we held our wedding reception here
Paula "Of course it isn "So dad, is cake better than enfamil?"
izzy contemplates the concept of cake uncle larry gets his baby fix the music department parties down
otto meets isabel at WDIY big erv and little iz "Is vespers really done?"
a visit to grandpa erv anna meets isabel with candles raised... vespers is over!
izzy has a new friend for this show outside, before the last night liz and iz
another babyful vespers liz singing at the end iz sleeps, paula conducts, liz smiles
"hey dad, am I gonna be on tv?" cameras appear on vespers night four g
izzy meets aunt christie vespers is really tiring! easy to see why
robin is mesmerized by cuteness izzy meets her doctor "i am now content."
isabel holds court an ornament from uncle donald ...and presents
phone calls... joyce meets isabel pennsylvania
Vespers is tiring! "Your enfamil is served." chilling after the show
walking to dinner downtown bethlehem at night "who turned the lights on?"
isabel sleeps above the fray one per customer out come the candles
Moravian Choir sings their set Downstairs now, Paula starts the processional President Rokke presides
Isabel obliges Gesturing for more volume Paula conducts the first piece
Crissi meets Isabel Night two, before the show "You wouldn
Isabel meets Aunt Robin "Hi, we isabel meets her first frenchman
"This sure beats flowers!" of course it helps to have the best seat in the house! The candles at the end caught izzy
Isabel Not something you see every day! Paula reading the blimp
Blimp making it A closer view Paula looking out at the Good Year Blimp
angel asleep izzy and  her bizzy bees "So what then, mommy?"
"A swim?  Don bed time story supermarket sweep
the four of us "hey, i know you!" "That
"Get me outta this thing" no worries, mate lunch with lisa
izzy beach baby and on the eighth day ...
zzzz... Sunset over Palm Beach watching the sunset
cool hand iz what a cutie! the tram guy drove us to our car
peaceful Telling Izzy about Bonita Bay Sun, Breeze, Water, Baby ...
No kayaking today :) Keeping an eye out for jumping fish On the way to the bridge
Time for a nature walk not the best eats, but the company straps are a nice touch
ready for the big party Izzy Sunrise on Thanksgiving Day
mother and child isabel in the nursery after shot
before shot "Room service.  Did you order a baby?" pretty cozy
robin from the hilton was very very helpful trying out the baby sling sun shimmers over the atlantic
"Just what IS that thing?" "That "Hey, are you looking at me, or the view?"
"You will be less fussy" paula hypnosis sunrise from the hotel room
enfamil again! ready for breakfast tim has a cold
"Look, I Isabel "Wow, everything looks 3D"
here izzy baby
"Is this thing even safe?" leaving the hospital Isabel
"Okay, I "Will you take me home?" isabel tells tim a secret
snoozy girl resting up for the big day good morning starshine
Wash day... The streets of the old town are narrow and full of delightful shops.
It doesn Caroline & Heidi enjoy the spectacularly clear water
Looking out over the massive city wall, you can see why Bonifacio was virtually impregnable. A tour boat cruises past the hunk of rock estimated to have broken off some 800 years ago. Fashionistas in the shadows of the common sight of structural supports between buildings.
Standing next to one of the many menhirs found at the Filitosa site. It was common to see pigs, goats, and cows along the roads. The wind carves some interesting shapes in the granite.
Basking in the sun on the windswept granitic formations high up in the Corsican interior. A well-earned beer after slogging my way up to the Schwarzsee.
The Matterhorn was our constant companion Hiking down from the Gornegrat Station
... and spices Spices, spices, spices
Olives to satisfy all tastes The sausage vendor
The nearby village of Tarascon had quite the colorful marching band. The bull on the carousel looks a bit more friendly than in the Arles Arena!
Bread and beer being joyfully toted along A beautiful celebration of traditional costume and culture.
Readying the little rider for the parade. Apricots were in season...delicious and juicy.
A yummy lunch.
The subject of Van Gogh A pretty little store front Pick a color, any color...
Monster Truck Madness! The Mediterranean along the Camargue
A mountain of sea salt! (70 ft/11m) The cheese course during a fine lunch on the way to the Camargue. Moro makes a dive over the wall, the bull just missing his leg.
The object was to pluck something off from between the horns, and run out of the way to keep from being gored. Imagine all who have sat here before us... The Roman Amphitheater
see ya tomorrow!
they signed!
mutual admiration the new family
feeding time
proud papa
holding dad the agony and the ecstacy
"So, Mom.  About my allowance."
Hi mom! "I could get used to this air thing."
Just wait until I grow into these paws! My what big ears you have!
Eyackkk! Soap and water! I don And it is said a dog
Aren First day home Off go the soda bottles!
Kevin checks in a rocket made of soda bottles. A gorgeous pink/maroon flame... The Tomahawk landed very close to the launch site for a nearly effortless retrieval.
A wee bit of trouble on the main. Seems the flat shroud lines took a while to untwist for full main opening. Beautiful separation. This rocket flew like it was on a rod! According to the CP/CG spread, it was over-stable. However, I wouldn
Just as the Tomahawk is lighting. Rubber Ducky gets to experience another thrilling pile of Newton-seconds spilling on its head. The Tomahawk is ready for its maiden flight.
And Tim ain I think Tim and Dan truly have a blast doing this stuff! Dan steadies Tim
Tim and Dan help Sam (I think) with his Level II Certification launch. Can you say "Heads up" launch for Drake This guy woke everybody up!
Armageddon blasts skyward. Sam Can you say "Lawn Dart" -- or else it is a lost tip to a local jousting faire.
A little sooty, but not too worse for the wear! Drake readies the flying bowling ball. Yup, you read that right! An 8# bowling ball is going for a ride. Unfortunately, the chutes never opened, and it was lost ;=( A sight the rocket owner always likes to see.
Eric Tim MLG suffered some minor structural damage as the main popped out. Probably from 3 big shots on the same frame. Dan will switch to fiberglass wrapped on the next flight.
MLG Ho-Jo successfully deployed the chutes. The Main was set to come out at 800 The pall of smoke was quite the scene.
Patiently awaiting the drogue chute to deploy at apogee. These birds coasted what seemed to be at least half of their altitude. And off they went. The Ho-Jo got to ~5100 feet, and More Lori Okay, I was a little slow on the camera "trigger." Holy Cow did these two make some noise!
For the M-powered stuff, the launch pads are 500+ feet away for safety reasons. To the right, you can see Eric The rubber duckies pose as well... A time to pose before the launch
The boys decide to see what happens at the blast deflector ;=0 Tim listens for the reassuring beeps that the altimeter is armed and ready to perform it If the rockets get any bigger, we
These bad-boys are stuffed with M-1315 Big Power. Loading the "Ho-Jo" on the rail. Dan, Andrew, and Lori (on the ridge), pose before the big drag race.
That Loading More Lori Tim (58 lb. Honest John) and Dan (56 lb. More Lori
Straightening out the main chute prior to packing it in Tim Preparing to insert the chute. Dan skillfully "chains" the shroud lines.
Setting up the rocket on the pad. Blast off!
This chubby (not so) little guy flies great! Caught as the motor just begins to produce thrust. The rocket "chuffs" before finally launching
Andrew Threading the e-match into the powder charge receptacle. Working on the altimeter and preparing the separation mechanism.
Each launch needs to register Arranging the low power launch pads. Getting set up in the morning
Estimated to have been taken in 1897 Probably wearing her Father
New Hope on Memorial Day -- crowded, but a great place to hang out and watch... Ohhhh Y-e-e-a-a-a-h-h-h-h-h!
"Can you please park a little further down?" Some serious bikers...
Amazing 502 HP Beast!
Great restaurant! Cool back-alley bar
Is this a pipeline? A serpentine river. A frozen lakebed.
Three rivers.
Almost looks like a lunar landscape. Not sure where this is... Maybe one of the "-stans?" The flight from Delhi to Frankfurt was awesome (as I love mountains & snow). There is a lot of snow down there! The low morning sun casts deep shadows across the snow-covered beauties.
A river valley. When I was in Nepal, I was shocked to see trees still at 10,000 feet (3300+ m)
The foothills gave way to the bigger, snow-capped mountains. The early morning Air India flight was beautiful.
You can see the effects of expansion in the form of "fog" as lift is being generated on take-off
A golf course near the airport.
Apartment buildings as you come in for a landing at St. Petersburg airport.
Catalogue Pose
This lets you appreciate the size of the canvas.
Danae Danae Portrait of a Scholar
Flora  The Descent from the Cross  The Holy Family
Haman Recognizes His Fate Portrait of an Old Jew
Portrait of an Old Woman Portrait of the Poet Jeremias de Decker The Return of the Prodigal Son
Flowers in a Grey Jar
Farm Woman (Full-Length) Nude Table in a Cafe (Bottle of Pernod)
 Clarinet and Violin
 Landscape  Composition VI
Winter Landscape Landscape with a Red Roof
The Luxembourg Gardens. Monument to Shopin
 Vase, Bottle and Fruit
 Blue Pot and Lemon  Vase of Sunflowers
 Nude. Black and Gold Conversation The Painter
The Absinthe Drinker Female Head  Dance of the Veils
Two Sisters (The Meeting) Nude (Bust) Seated Woman
Best viewed with 3D glasses
I love Mamma
The savory cuts are presented on skewers and carved tableside by authentic Gaścho chefs. The meats are seasoned to perfection and slow-roasted over an open flame to capture their individual flavor. Meat cooking on a vertical rotisserie
A Brazilian Churrascaria This is a "mini mart" at an Esso gas station -- espresso, lunch items, etc. Note: you can even buy some wine ;=) Little Boy Purple has found true love with the gorgeous Brazilian beauties. He is reconsidering staying in a Brazilian cache. Maybe there is one near the beach?
All that time in a little plastic carrying bag has made our friend very hungry. The "Mixed Grill" was spectacular! Little Boy Purple is very happy to be relaxing with a good Brazilian beer. The Volvo showroom was very European in design.
And very similar to some of the best malls in the States. and elegant... The stores were very chic.
The design was very open, with shops along the perimeter of a central open area with tall trees, waterfalls, etc. The mall was lush with greenery and running water. We decided to stop in the mall for a bite to eat.
The Little Boy Purple was not happy about being placed in a cache alongside a major highway, so I am glad we did not find the container. We drove north of Sao Paulo to Campinas in search of a cache.  We were at the spot, but found no container (it was night, as you can see). A cool radio tower all lit up at night.
The local marketing/events team. They did a fantastic job! The translators -- English and Portugese -- and they are technically savvy, in that they knew our geek terminology! Yoshida kicks off the SOA day -- in which I was asked to speak.
...or is it the 3 Stooges? The 3 Musketeers The cigars were in perfect condition, and Chris is finding it hard to choose.
Chris spies a cigar bar... knowing that the primo Cuban cigars are just inside. A bicycle shop (for my friend Chip who owns two shops in USA). We ate delicious pizza here -- very much like Italian-made pizza.
Little Boy Purple is amazed at the size of the world Here, you can see  a helipad -- evidently very common and almost troublesome in terms of controlled flight. Out the window, I could see many tall buildings and the downtown area.
I didn The Caesar Business Paulista hotel room on the 23rd floor was very spacious and comfortable. A beautiful sunrise as we descended into Sao Paulo airport. The cloud formation appears to be making rain.
We signed the logbook. Tim traded a rubber frog for the cards, and I left a 1 Rupee coin. The 4th waypoint led us to the loot.
At the base of a majestic American Beech tree, Tim finds the next waypoint. Jon makes his first find, uncovering the next trivial pursuit question to get the next waypoint. Our tool of choice
Our quest. mom on her wedding day mom as a teenager
My new puppy Frisby loved to gnaw on my cast The inlay work is everywhere, and is beautiful
Probably older than the fort... Vendors set up on the way into the fort. (This seemed very tame compared to Mont Saint-Michel!) Children doing what children do... whilst on tour ;=)
Completed in 1648 by Shah Jahan, this fort was a major display of Mughal power. The Indian flag flying over the Lahore Gate was a national desire to signify Independence from Britain. The street/marketplace vendors always seemed to have beautiful presentations of their wares. Built (1980-1986) to resemble a lotus flower, it is set among 9 pools of water, and surrounded by gardens.
The guard ensures the eternal flame for the Unknown Soldier is honored. This 42m high "All India War Memorial" bears the names of 90,000 soldiers. A street barber ;=)
The 7m pillar predates the Qutb Minar. Mysteriously, this 98% pure iron pillar does not rust. Scientists are not sure how such an item was cast 1600 years ago. The ~73m tower consists of 5 stories, tapering to 2.5m diameter at the top.
With an impressive diameter of 15m at the base, the red sandstone is adorned with carvings. Beneath the ground are 24 rays emanating outward... both for support and for the 24 hours in a day.
An ambitiuos project to create another tower -- only this time, twice the size of the Qutb Minar. You can see how far they got by the time Ala-ud-dim died... There was a 10-minute ritual of blessing elements on this memorial to the founder of the Hare Krishna movement. A service of song and worship was taking place.
The conch is understood as the source of all existence -- a cosmic womb, for when the conch is blown, it is said to emulate the primordial sound  Aum (Om) from which all else emanates. People would tie a piece of yarn to the "jalis" (carved marble screen) and make a wish. Dung is laid out to dry... it is used as an important fuel source for cooking, etc.
Akbar This is said to mimic the mosque at Mecca. A Qoranic inscription reads: "The world is a bridge, pass over it but build no house upon it. He who hopes for an hour may hope for an eternity." The amount of carving and detail work is amazing. Even more so, this city/palace was full of symbols from all major religions.
The Hall of Public Audiences The abandoned capital city of Fatehpur Sikri, must have been quite the scene in its heyday (1570-1586) Guest rooms (?) looking out along the banks of the Yamuna River.
Yes, believe it or not, we are actually driving on the main road through the village. A bit crowded, eh? Agra Fort began life in 1565 as a principally military structure. It is hard to appreciate how "thick" the outer walls are without being there. I do not think I would want to be an army trying to attack the gate...
Artisans practice the age-old tradition used for doing the inlay work on the Taj itself. The Taj is magnificent from any angle. The great symbol of India, Shah Jahan
A close-up of the carvings reveals the craftsmanship sought during the construction (1631-1653 a.d.) Each of the minarets are tilted outward -- if they collapse, they will fall away from the Taj!
The inlay work is exquisite. If you shine a flashlight on the reddish stones, they glow orange as the light is conducted. This first view of the Taj Mahal takes your breath away, as it is perfectly framed in the entryway. The morning mist gives the Taj an ethereal glow.
The scroll work and writing is all inlay -- being larger at the top to compensate for perspective. I was told the each of the 22 small domes on the roof represent a year of construction A representation of the nine planets.
Getting fresh coconut milk for breakfast. Just a few of the many colorful incarnations of Hindu Gods A visit to a Hindu Temple
The inner sanctum... The view out my balcony (Leela Palace, Bangalore). Possibly THE best hotel I have ever stayed at. Mustard in bloom over the German countryside
A toast to Mr. and Mrs. Vesnin!
Trail Map of Snowbird... ~3,000 ft vertical.
Lots and lots of powder The beginnings of a mogul field
Hard to make out... but I A very narrow piste :=0 A bit giddy with all that powder to choose from, not to mention the first time I
The pros ready for the descent Up at 11,000 feet, Jim is ready to go down the back bowl. A wee bit of snow causing low visibility
A wonderful view up the gondola line... check out the mogul field In line for the Gondola
The Agile Manifesto taking shape... My own fireplace? Sweeeeet!
Do we really have to work on the Agile Principles??
Dinner at Grandma Brady Maine--100 years
Ostega Lake, Cooperstown, NY Battle maps and menorials.
2" Hose Line w/Class B Foam and Water to the basement
Now you know why the boats are called "Lady of the Mist" The beauty of a crisp, clear winter
The bluebird house with a wee bit
The innovative Waterworks pumped water to a water tower from 1750s until 1832. Jasperooni
Caroline snapped this nice photo of a Piazza in Assisi
mom with her first two kids Too pretty to eat
Art Exploration "My goodness that caught in the act
View out my flat, looking down the Winter Canal to the Neva (6:30 am in Summer). Playing the anvil!
night crawler
Drinking Snow is fun!
ishtar Our cats just love watching television!
Mark in New City, the house before my time Infinite loop Aerial View of Farm
Out for Chinese in Cooperstown, NY
Fireworks displays each night are awesome!
Tony Srour FDNY w/ us at structual burn Can you say "Don
The food selection is stupendous...
Dad and me having a beer