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Most questions we hear have already been asked.
Have a quick look at our most common quandaries.


Why do I need an account?

Tidepool needs to know your unique Storymill username, since everything you make in Tidepool is marked with your username. (Technically, it's part of each URI.)

Not to worry: everything's free for thirty days and we won't pester you with emails or give your information to anyone else.


Will Tidepool run on my computer?

Tidepool is a Java application, so it works on any operating system that supports Java, particularly Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Since Tidepool works with photos, and photos can get pretty big, we recommend that your computer have at least 256 megs of RAM, though more is even better.


Why should I pay money when other programs and websites are free?

Our answer is pretty simple: if you like us better, you'll want to pay our modest fees. We feel they're fair and the money lets us keep making our products better and better.

Around the world, there are millions who wish to remember more of their lives, their loved ones, their communities. We can help them do this, but we need to eat, too. And $44 for lifetime Tidepool upgrades isn't a lot to ask, nor is $52 a year for a basic Storymill membership with 250 megabytes.


What if someone shares photos to my other email address?

If you're both "" and "", you may have some share to one address and some the other.

We're working on some new email alias functionality that lets you list all the addresses you're known by, but until then, the best thing to do is click through each email and create an account for each new address. Your accounts will later get merged when the new functionality is done.


What happens when I share a photo privately to a mailing list?

If you share private photos to "" and ten people click through your email, Storymill has no way to know which person should be allowed to create the account that has access to your photos.

As it is now, the first person to click through the email and create an account gets the goods, which is probably not your intent, so when you're sharing private photos, share to individual people, not mailing lists.


Where are my car keys?

How should I know? Did you check your jeans pocket? How about the hamper?