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Autumn 2004

the perils of photobingo
Tidepool Waits For Storymill

the perils of photobingo


Riding now on the train to Dublin, watching the Irish countryside with its very green fields and patchwork stone walls, I'm finally rested enough to properly reflect on my week in Ireland and the crazy month before.

For a small Pennsylvania company to fly to Ireland, there best be a good reason for it. Our primary goal was to create PhotoBingo, then play a game at FOAF Galway, giving nifty shirts to all involved. Beyond this, our goal was useful conversation: Q&A on other efforts, breakout session brainstorming, table chat on shared topics, and feedback on our own products. Though things didn't quite go as planned, I'm glad for it, as the results were better.

I'm very impressed with how well our team worked together these last few weeks. Connecting Tidepool with Storymill with PhotoBingo, then all of these with w3photo and friends, was a real integration headache. (Steve actually got an ocular migraine from working too hard!) From the start, the real point of PhotoBingo was to do something fun with a wide mix of photos, aggregating from several sources, pooling a jumble of metadata to power a silly game that shows annotation in action.

We started down this path last May in New York, attempting valiantly at the last minute to connect Tidepool with the w3photo effort. As always, it was "the longest yard" that held us back. All the pieces assembled, but not matching up as easily as hoped. To that point, we'd spent most of our time on Tidepool, and not our companion product, Storymill. Marrying the two has been quite a task, both in May and this last month.

And that's the real benefit to this summer sprint we've been on: connecting the two. With different teams on different paths, the two worlds finally converged on the way to Galway. While at the workshop, we had some great semweb talks and made some new friends.

Tidepool Waits For Storymill

2-Jul-2004 by teefal

After quite a few discussions, some with our new "technosocial strategist", Jerry Michalski (of Release 1.0 fame), we've decided to delay the public Tidepool release until we've smoothed over the Storymill side of things.

This release was supposed to be about Tidepool alone, with Storymill merely acting as a public place to put your photos. With a bit more work though, we can bring out the niftier "semantic social network" features of Storymill. We're gonna wait until Storymill is solid, then release both.

When? When they're ready. Our next release date will be "today" :)

Let us know if you'd like to help us test things.

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