where: Delhi

You can see the effects of expansion in the form of "fog" as lift is being generated on take-off
The inlay work is everywhere, and is beautiful Probably older than the fort...
Vendors set up on the way into the fort. (This seemed very tame compared to Mont Saint-Michel!) Children doing what children do... whilst on tour ;=) Completed in 1648 by Shah Jahan, this fort was a major display of Mughal power. The Indian flag flying over the Lahore Gate was a national desire to signify Independence from Britain.
The street/marketplace vendors always seemed to have beautiful presentations of their wares. Built (1980-1986) to resemble a lotus flower, it is set among 9 pools of water, and surrounded by gardens. The guard ensures the eternal flame for the Unknown Soldier is honored.
This 42m high "All India War Memorial" bears the names of 90,000 soldiers. A street barber ;=)
The 7m pillar predates the Qutb Minar. Mysteriously, this 98% pure iron pillar does not rust. Scientists are not sure how such an item was cast 1600 years ago. The ~73m tower consists of 5 stories, tapering to 2.5m diameter at the top. With an impressive diameter of 15m at the base, the red sandstone is adorned with carvings.
Beneath the ground are 24 rays emanating outward... both for support and for the 24 hours in a day. An ambitiuos project to create another tower -- only this time, twice the size of the Qutb Minar. You can see how far they got by the time Ala-ud-dim died...