where: Bethlehem

she catches on quick first trick or treat thoughtful
"facing front is cool!" strolling the towpath izzy at a client meet
Welcome to 2006 baby! Reading Olivia (by another Falconer) on New Year Snow before New Year
Toni and Jean come the next day Jon, Sue, and their girls come for a visit peaceful
"This is much better." "Aw mom.  It looks more fun outside." Showing Isabel the piano
"So Mom, we do that present thing every year?" Dessert a la baby What a feast!
Robin and Paula at the kiddie Liz with Isabel at Christmas dinner Isabel groks the present thing right away
joyful "So Isabel, the true meaning of Christmas is PRESENTS." Christmas Morning
hanging by the tree finished on christmas eve inspecting dad
visions of sugar plums twilight feeding quick bath
izzy sleeps on a fake sheep izzy meets a dog izzy meets a cat
"Okay, Dad ... I "Let getting the tree on solstice night
"oh, and there was music too, right?" "No more parties, yippy!" Izzy
hanging at the shower cake and more cake Larry is dressed for the occasion
"Wake up for your baby shower, baby" "Read it again mommy!" isabel
beverly meets isabel another party!  this one for all moravian keith and candy with iz
vespers is over! hello bear mom and daughter at play
we held our wedding reception here Paula "Of course it isn
"So dad, is cake better than enfamil?" izzy contemplates the concept of cake uncle larry gets his baby fix
the music department parties down otto meets isabel at WDIY big erv and little iz
"Is vespers really done?" a visit to grandpa erv anna meets isabel
with candles raised... vespers is over! izzy has a new friend for this show outside, before the last night
liz and iz another babyful vespers liz singing at the end
iz sleeps, paula conducts, liz smiles "hey dad, am I gonna be on tv?" cameras appear on vespers night four
g izzy meets aunt christie vespers is really tiring!
easy to see why robin is mesmerized by cuteness izzy meets her doctor
"i am now content." isabel holds court an ornament from uncle donald
...and presents phone calls... joyce meets isabel
pennsylvania Vespers is tiring! "Your enfamil is served."
chilling after the show walking to dinner downtown bethlehem at night
"who turned the lights on?" isabel sleeps above the fray one per customer
out come the candles Moravian Choir sings their set Downstairs now, Paula starts the processional
President Rokke presides Isabel obliges Gesturing for more volume
Paula conducts the first piece Crissi meets Isabel Night two, before the show
"You wouldn Isabel meets Aunt Robin "Hi, we
isabel meets her first frenchman "This sure beats flowers!" of course it helps to have the best seat in the house!
The candles at the end caught izzy Isabel
Our cats just love watching television! The innovative Waterworks pumped water to a water tower from 1750s until 1832.
Playing the anvil!
The food selection is stupendous...