where: Alder

"happy new year everyone" "happy new year mommy!" drumming in the new year
hiding out on new year christmas morning madhouse cookie gets a checkup
unwrapping presents enjoying the results trimming together
isabel picked the star herself conveniently out of reach joyful girl
aunt pam and uncle marc "i a visit from friends
winter wonderland "look dad, it sharing toys with eric
isabel fishies! watching TV with mom
racing cars down the track anna play date trick-or-treating
halloween tiger isabel shows crissi the XO paula tries the XO laptop
paula packs for our two-week trip "okay, i stress relief
isabel tries on her bathing suit "okay, get me out of this thing" rasberry in a blanket
"can we play after I finish the book-keeping?" "what?  this isn tim
baby happy perplexed
shy satisfied ready for the beach
all this for *one* baby isabel "so you press this button here"
waiting for mom to finish work "be sure to choose free shipping" "here, i
"really fun!" "mommy, you baby
sweetness "aw, come on guys, you had me at hello" the big day arrives
groovy mime outfit wrapping paper bonfire aflame
spring equinox party releasing holiday angst private moment with "stretch"
"i like my jumper better!" "i like flashy things" "the camera loves me!"
"good morning dad!" snoozy now sly smile
happy to see isabel! happy to see robin happy to see mom
first flower three hold "Dad, we
dinner with friends little girl on big chair "I like having my own room!"
a meal and a story bedtime in her own room perplexed by the phone
"Yay!  My room is done!" Surveying the baby room Paula feathers the nest
"Your crib shows up today!" izzy grabs her first pen "So cute I can
happy happy baby "A two hour road trip?" "Morning baby!"
"Morning Mom!" sweet moment at home conferring with Rex and Mr. Mouse
Isabel "How "I like my Big Girl Chair"
then she learns to grab first she learns to hold mesmerized by the fire
paula balances work and family down and down round and round
plowing through presents our only big storm of the winter "Sunset?  What sunset?"
isabel jamming out "No more parties, yippy!" Izzy
hanging at the shower cake and more cake Larry is dressed for the occasion
"Wake up for your baby shower, baby" "Read it again mommy!" isabel
keith and candy with iz vespers is over! hello bear
mom and daughter at play "i am now content." isabel holds court
an ornament from uncle donald ...and presents phone calls...
joyce meets isabel pennsylvania Vespers is tiring!
"You wouldn Isabel meets Aunt Robin "Hi, we
Not something you see every day! Paula reading the blimp Blimp making it
A closer view Paula looking out at the Good Year Blimp