who: Paula

"happy new year mommy!" drumming in the new year fam-a-mee!
"mommy, help, it was just a kiss." flower girl leads the way isabel and the bride
unwrapping presents enjoying the results trimming together
last one on the lot shopping for a christmas tree a visit from friends
isabel watching TV with mom "i think we missed a house, mom"
happy girl at it again on another day first trick or treat
in the big corn maze exploring the little corn maze paula tries the XO laptop
checking in at the airport layover in san juan paula packs for our two-week trip
waiting to go home paula says goodbye last night at the equator
topside tim and paula breakfast buffet the equator from below
washing off the salt world streak now!
beneath the sea grape tree asleep in mommy "okay, enough."
"... and giggle, and giggle..." "mommy makes me giggle!" dinner at the equator
isa gets the groove drying off radiant paula on a trip from town
windmill on peace hill our tenth wedding anniversary undersea paula
paula sweet talks a free cigar box for her shells giggles a sharing a secret
matching mommy out to eat on our own isa rides the waves
stylish beach bums nightly bed dancing isabel
caneel traffic jam "where are you guys gonna sleep?" isabel meets the caribbean
in our room at last boarding the caneel ferry two kids playing
"genious, shm-enius ... i know more than these guys" "all for me" strolling the towpath
ready for the beach "so you press this button here" waiting for mom to finish work
"be sure to choose free shipping" "here, i "really fun!"
"mommy, you the spoils of victory tallying their winnings
"it animatronic fun the new *legal* family, and their notary
on the phone with the judge quite a spread picnic at the little lehigh
kitties are soft wrapping paper spring equinox party
releasing holiday angst a visit to mommy Back to work for Paula
"and smells good." "and soft..." "She
"I like my mommy..." Fishies!
happy to see isabel! happy to see mom a meal and a story
bedtime in her own room perplexed by the phone "Yay!  My room is done!"
Surveying the baby room Paula feathers the nest "Your crib shows up today!"
"So cute I can Shopping for cribs in Philadelphia "Morning baby!"
"Morning Mom!" mesmerized by the fire paula balances work and family
down and down round and round Izzy
"Lotsa people like me, huh." Paula sings some Beatles tunes "Okay, one more stop"
Central Park stroll FAO Schwartz shopping Paula hits the Big-time
walking city streets "Where "Okay, I
"We can go to the park, and museums, and toy stores" "Welcome to New York City, baby!" plowing through presents
Welcome to 2006 baby! Reading Olivia (by another Falconer) on New Year Toni and Jean come the next day
Jon, Sue, and their girls come for a visit peaceful "This is much better."
"Aw mom.  It looks more fun outside." Showing Isabel the piano "So Mom, we do that present thing every year?"
Dessert a la baby Robin and Paula at the kiddie joyful
"So Isabel, the true meaning of Christmas is PRESENTS." Christmas Morning hanging by the tree
inspecting dad twilight feeding quick bath
izzy meets a cat "Let "No more parties, yippy!"
Izzy "Wake up for your baby shower, baby" "Read it again mommy!"
isabel beverly meets isabel another party!  this one for all moravian
vespers is over! hello bear mom and daughter at play
we held our wedding reception here Paula "Is vespers really done?"
a visit to grandpa erv izzy has a new friend for this show iz sleeps, paula conducts, liz smiles
vespers is really tiring! izzy meets her doctor ...and presents
phone calls... joyce meets isabel chilling after the show
Moravian Choir sings their set Downstairs now, Paula starts the processional Gesturing for more volume
Isabel meets Aunt Robin "Hi, we isabel meets her first frenchman
"This sure beats flowers!" Not something you see every day! Paula reading the blimp
Blimp making it Paula looking out at the Good Year Blimp bed time story
"A swim?  Don supermarket sweep the four of us
"That lunch with lisa beach baby
and on the eighth day ... the tram guy drove us to our car peaceful
Sun, Breeze, Water, Baby ... Telling Izzy about Bonita Bay No kayaking today :)
Keeping an eye out for jumping fish On the way to the bridge Time for a nature walk
not the best eats, but the company mother and child after shot
before shot robin from the hilton was very very helpful paula hypnosis
Isabel here leaving the hospital
"Will you take me home?" resting up for the big day
they signed!
mutual admiration the new family feeding time
the agony and the ecstacy
"So, Mom.  About my allowance." Hi mom!