what: vespers

"oh, and there was music too, right?" anna meets isabel with candles raised... vespers is over!
izzy has a new friend for this show outside, before the last night liz and iz
another babyful vespers liz singing at the end iz sleeps, paula conducts, liz smiles
"hey dad, am I gonna be on tv?" cameras appear on vespers night four "who turned the lights on?"
isabel sleeps above the fray one per customer out come the candles
Moravian Choir sings their set Downstairs now, Paula starts the processional President Rokke presides
Isabel obliges Gesturing for more volume Paula conducts the first piece
Crissi meets Isabel Night two, before the show isabel meets her first frenchman
"This sure beats flowers!" of course it helps to have the best seat in the house! The candles at the end caught izzy