where: Saint John

until next year, caneel! waiting to go home paula says goodbye
magic calm of hawksnest bay dinner with a view last night at the equator
yes, the water really is that color topside tim and paula "mosey" takes another trip
taking a breath at the top turtle rises to the surface breakfast buffet
relaxing at day more appetizers! donkey!
the equator from below washing off the salt wave walking
"are you sure this is safe, dad?" world streak now!
beneath the sea grape tree asleep in her crib "i could get used to this!"
asleep in mommy "okay, enough." "... and giggle, and giggle..."
"mommy makes me giggle!" paula spots another lizard dinner at the equator
 rhythm section being a baby isa gets the groove
drying off radiant paula on a trip from town lunch at the limetree
our beach and room across hawksnest bay the british virgins in the distance izzy takes in the view
windmill on peace hill paula zerkle, wildlife photographer our tenth wedding anniversary
hanging on the sunset terrace ... and yard patio ...
baby with very long legs undersea tim undersea paula
paula sweet talks a free cigar box for her shells "ooh!  an appetizer!" father-daughter noontime glaze
giggles a sharing a secret "must ... watch ... tiki ..."
matching mommy out to eat on our own sunset over saint thomas
twilight "i shopping with new friends
cruz bay at night caneel from above isa rides the waves
stylish beach bums "you guys are a  riot!" nightly bed dancing
turn-down includes a shell and a saying "okay, i "this is fun, dad!"
out for a hike satisfaction isabel
hawksnest bay, beneath the waves hawksnest bay, outside our room isa makes a friend
caneel traffic jam strolling the grounds hanging on the hammock, just outside our room
"where are you guys gonna sleep?" isabel meets the caribbean in our room at last
first glimpse of caneel