who: Timothy

fam-a-mee! christmas morning madhouse isabel picked the star herself
trick-or-treating making the scene through charlotte amalie layover in san juan
isabel checks our reservations last night at the equator topside tim and paula
more appetizers! donkey! wave walking
"are you sure this is safe, dad?" "i could get used to this!" drying off
lunch at the limetree our tenth wedding anniversary hanging on the sunset terrace
"ooh!  an appetizer!" father-daughter noontime glaze "must ... watch ... tiki ..."
out to eat on our own shopping with new friends cruz bay at night
"okay, i "this is fun, dad!" out for a hike
isa makes a friend strolling the grounds hanging on the hammock, just outside our room
babe in the breeze shopping for baby backpacks "hi baby!"
isabel tries on her bathing suit "congratulations!" perplexed
the new *legal* family, and their notary shopping at isa "this one runs faster"
"this one runs fast" little isa at the little lehigh "So where
dad izzy grabs her first pen "Dad, I think you better refactor that code."
Tim the executive hard at work another party!  this one for all moravian "Of course it isn
"So dad, is cake better than enfamil?" the four of us watching the sunset
after shot before shot "Room service.  Did you order a baby?"
tim has a cold isabel tells tim a secret they signed!
the new family proud papa
holding dad My new puppy Frisby loved to gnaw on my cast
Dad and me having a beer