springtime fun

"good morning dad!" crossing a covered bridge little isa at the little lehigh
"this one runs fast" "this one runs faster" izzy at a client meet
a visit to mommy "the camera loves me!" "i like flashy things"
shopping at isa testing new merchandise "i like my jumper better!"
private moment with "stretch" releasing holiday angst spring equinox party
bonfire aflame wrapping paper groovy mime outfit
robin fueling up for a picnic kitties are soft picnic at the little lehigh
quite a spread the big day arrives on the phone with the judge
the new *legal* family, and their notary "aw, come on guys, you had me at hello" sweetness
baby animatronic fun "it
tallying their winnings the spoils of victory "mommy, you
"really fun!" "here, i "be sure to choose free shipping"
waiting for mom to finish work "so you press this button here" isabel
all this for *one* baby ready for the beach satisfied
shy perplexed happy
strolling the towpath "facing front is cool!" thoughtful
baby "all for me" tim
"what?  this isn "can we play after I finish the book-keeping?" "congratulations!"
"this party "i rasberry in a blanket
"okay, get me out of this thing" isabel tries on her bathing suit "genious, shm-enius ... i know more than these guys"
two kids playing "hi baby!" stress relief
shopping for baby backpacks "okay, i