what: Honest John

Tim Ho-Jo successfully deployed the chutes. The Main was set to come out at 800 And off they went. The Ho-Jo got to ~5100 feet, and More Lori
Okay, I was a little slow on the camera "trigger." Holy Cow did these two make some noise! For the M-powered stuff, the launch pads are 500+ feet away for safety reasons. To the right, you can see Eric The rubber duckies pose as well...
A time to pose before the launch The boys decide to see what happens at the blast deflector ;=0 Tim listens for the reassuring beeps that the altimeter is armed and ready to perform it
If the rockets get any bigger, we These bad-boys are stuffed with M-1315 Big Power. Tim (58 lb. Honest John) and Dan (56 lb. More Lori