who: Dan - NEPRA

I think Tim and Dan truly have a blast doing this stuff! Dan steadies Tim Tim and Dan help Sam (I think) with his Level II Certification launch.
MLG suffered some minor structural damage as the main popped out. Probably from 3 big shots on the same frame. Dan will switch to fiberglass wrapped on the next flight. MLG Patiently awaiting the drogue chute to deploy at apogee. These birds coasted what seemed to be at least half of their altitude.
And off they went. The Ho-Jo got to ~5100 feet, and More Lori Okay, I was a little slow on the camera "trigger." Holy Cow did these two make some noise! For the M-powered stuff, the launch pads are 500+ feet away for safety reasons. To the right, you can see Eric
If the rockets get any bigger, we Loading the "Ho-Jo" on the rail. Dan, Andrew, and Lori (on the ridge), pose before the big drag race.
That Loading More Lori Tim (58 lb. Honest John) and Dan (56 lb. More Lori
Straightening out the main chute prior to packing it in Tim Preparing to insert the chute. Dan skillfully "chains" the shroud lines.