what: Summer Vacation 2005

... and spices
Spices, spices, spices Olives to satisfy all tastes The sausage vendor
The nearby village of Tarascon had quite the colorful marching band.
The bull on the carousel looks a bit more friendly than in the Arles Arena! Bread and beer being joyfully toted along A beautiful celebration of traditional costume and culture.
Readying the little rider for the parade. Apricots were in season...delicious and juicy.
A yummy lunch. The subject of Van Gogh A pretty little store front
Pick a color, any color... Monster Truck Madness!
The Mediterranean along the Camargue A mountain of sea salt! (70 ft/11m) The cheese course during a fine lunch on the way to the Camargue.
Moro makes a dive over the wall, the bull just missing his leg. The object was to pluck something off from between the horns, and run out of the way to keep from being gored. Imagine all who have sat here before us...
The Roman Amphitheater