where: Sao Paulo

The savory cuts are presented on skewers and carved tableside by authentic Gaścho chefs.
The meats are seasoned to perfection and slow-roasted over an open flame to capture their individual flavor. Meat cooking on a vertical rotisserie A Brazilian Churrascaria
This is a "mini mart" at an Esso gas station -- espresso, lunch items, etc. Note: you can even buy some wine ;=) A cool radio tower all lit up at night. The local marketing/events team. They did a fantastic job!
The translators -- English and Portugese -- and they are technically savvy, in that they knew our geek terminology! Yoshida kicks off the SOA day -- in which I was asked to speak. ...or is it the 3 Stooges?
The 3 Musketeers The cigars were in perfect condition, and Chris is finding it hard to choose. Chris spies a cigar bar... knowing that the primo Cuban cigars are just inside.
A bicycle shop (for my friend Chip who owns two shops in USA). We ate delicious pizza here -- very much like Italian-made pizza. Little Boy Purple is amazed at the size of the world
Here, you can see  a helipad -- evidently very common and almost troublesome in terms of controlled flight. Out the window, I could see many tall buildings and the downtown area. I didn
The Caesar Business Paulista hotel room on the 23rd floor was very spacious and comfortable. A beautiful sunrise as we descended into Sao Paulo airport. The cloud formation appears to be making rain.