what: Geocaching

Little Boy Purple has found true love with the gorgeous Brazilian beauties. He is reconsidering staying in a Brazilian cache. Maybe there is one near the beach? All that time in a little plastic carrying bag has made our friend very hungry. The "Mixed Grill" was spectacular! Little Boy Purple is very happy to be relaxing with a good Brazilian beer.
We decided to stop in the mall for a bite to eat. The Little Boy Purple was not happy about being placed in a cache alongside a major highway, so I am glad we did not find the container. We drove north of Sao Paulo to Campinas in search of a cache.  We were at the spot, but found no container (it was night, as you can see).
We signed the logbook. Tim traded a rubber frog for the cards, and I left a 1 Rupee coin. The 4th waypoint led us to the loot. At the base of a majestic American Beech tree, Tim finds the next waypoint.
Jon makes his first find, uncovering the next trivial pursuit question to get the next waypoint. Our tool of choice Our quest.