who: Jon

Basking in the sun on the windswept granitic formations high up in the Corsican interior. A well-earned beer after slogging my way up to the Schwarzsee. Hiking down from the Gornegrat Station
We drove north of Sao Paulo to Campinas in search of a cache.  We were at the spot, but found no container (it was night, as you can see). ...or is it the 3 Stooges? The 3 Musketeers
The 4th waypoint led us to the loot. Jon makes his first find, uncovering the next trivial pursuit question to get the next waypoint. The 7m pillar predates the Qutb Minar. Mysteriously, this 98% pure iron pillar does not rust. Scientists are not sure how such an item was cast 1600 years ago.
The ~73m tower consists of 5 stories, tapering to 2.5m diameter at the top. The Taj is magnificent from any angle.
I was told the each of the 22 small domes on the roof represent a year of construction A bit giddy with all that powder to choose from, not to mention the first time I