NEPRA Sep 05

Getting set up in the morning Arranging the low power launch pads. Each launch needs to register
Working on the altimeter and preparing the separation mechanism. Threading the e-match into the powder charge receptacle. Andrew
The rocket "chuffs" before finally launching Caught as the motor just begins to produce thrust. This chubby (not so) little guy flies great!
Blast off! Setting up the rocket on the pad.
Dan skillfully "chains" the shroud lines. Preparing to insert the chute. Straightening out the main chute prior to packing it in Tim
Tim (58 lb. Honest John) and Dan (56 lb. More Lori Loading More Lori That
Dan, Andrew, and Lori (on the ridge), pose before the big drag race. Loading the "Ho-Jo" on the rail. These bad-boys are stuffed with M-1315 Big Power.
If the rockets get any bigger, we Tim listens for the reassuring beeps that the altimeter is armed and ready to perform it The boys decide to see what happens at the blast deflector ;=0
A time to pose before the launch The rubber duckies pose as well... For the M-powered stuff, the launch pads are 500+ feet away for safety reasons. To the right, you can see Eric
Okay, I was a little slow on the camera "trigger." Holy Cow did these two make some noise! And off they went. The Ho-Jo got to ~5100 feet, and More Lori Patiently awaiting the drogue chute to deploy at apogee. These birds coasted what seemed to be at least half of their altitude.
The pall of smoke was quite the scene. Ho-Jo successfully deployed the chutes. The Main was set to come out at 800 MLG
MLG suffered some minor structural damage as the main popped out. Probably from 3 big shots on the same frame. Dan will switch to fiberglass wrapped on the next flight. Tim Eric
A sight the rocket owner always likes to see. Drake readies the flying bowling ball. Yup, you read that right! An 8# bowling ball is going for a ride. Unfortunately, the chutes never opened, and it was lost ;=( A little sooty, but not too worse for the wear!
Can you say "Lawn Dart" -- or else it is a lost tip to a local jousting faire. Sam Armageddon blasts skyward.
This guy woke everybody up! Can you say "Heads up" launch for Drake Tim and Dan help Sam (I think) with his Level II Certification launch.
Dan steadies Tim I think Tim and Dan truly have a blast doing this stuff! And Tim ain
The Tomahawk is ready for its maiden flight. Rubber Ducky gets to experience another thrilling pile of Newton-seconds spilling on its head. Just as the Tomahawk is lighting.
This rocket flew like it was on a rod! According to the CP/CG spread, it was over-stable. However, I wouldn Beautiful separation. A wee bit of trouble on the main. Seems the flat shroud lines took a while to untwist for full main opening.
The Tomahawk landed very close to the launch site for a nearly effortless retrieval. A gorgeous pink/maroon flame... Kevin checks in a rocket made of soda bottles.
Off go the soda bottles!