Tour of the Hermitage (St. Pete)

Seated Woman
Nude (Bust) Two Sisters (The Meeting)  Dance of the Veils
Female Head The Absinthe Drinker
The Painter
Conversation  Nude. Black and Gold
 Vase of Sunflowers  Blue Pot and Lemon  Vase, Bottle and Fruit
The Luxembourg Gardens. Monument to Shopin
Landscape with a Red Roof Winter Landscape  Composition VI
 Clarinet and Violin Table in a Cafe (Bottle of Pernod)
Nude Farm Woman (Full-Length) Flowers in a Grey Jar
The Return of the Prodigal Son
Portrait of the Poet Jeremias de Decker Portrait of an Old Woman Portrait of an Old Jew
Haman Recognizes His Fate  The Holy Family
 The Descent from the Cross Flora Portrait of a Scholar
Danae Danae
This lets you appreciate the size of the canvas.