A Trip to Sao Paulo

A beautiful sunrise as we descended into Sao Paulo airport. The cloud formation appears to be making rain. The Caesar Business Paulista hotel room on the 23rd floor was very spacious and comfortable. I didn
Out the window, I could see many tall buildings and the downtown area. Here, you can see  a helipad -- evidently very common and almost troublesome in terms of controlled flight. Little Boy Purple is amazed at the size of the world
We ate delicious pizza here -- very much like Italian-made pizza. A bicycle shop (for my friend Chip who owns two shops in USA). Chris spies a cigar bar... knowing that the primo Cuban cigars are just inside.
The cigars were in perfect condition, and Chris is finding it hard to choose. The 3 Musketeers ...or is it the 3 Stooges?
Yoshida kicks off the SOA day -- in which I was asked to speak. The translators -- English and Portugese -- and they are technically savvy, in that they knew our geek terminology! The local marketing/events team. They did a fantastic job!
A cool radio tower all lit up at night. We drove north of Sao Paulo to Campinas in search of a cache.  We were at the spot, but found no container (it was night, as you can see). The Little Boy Purple was not happy about being placed in a cache alongside a major highway, so I am glad we did not find the container.
We decided to stop in the mall for a bite to eat. The mall was lush with greenery and running water. The design was very open, with shops along the perimeter of a central open area with tall trees, waterfalls, etc.
The stores were very chic. and elegant... And very similar to some of the best malls in the States.
The Volvo showroom was very European in design. Little Boy Purple is very happy to be relaxing with a good Brazilian beer. All that time in a little plastic carrying bag has made our friend very hungry. The "Mixed Grill" was spectacular!
Little Boy Purple has found true love with the gorgeous Brazilian beauties. He is reconsidering staying in a Brazilian cache. Maybe there is one near the beach? This is a "mini mart" at an Esso gas station -- espresso, lunch items, etc. Note: you can even buy some wine ;=) A Brazilian Churrascaria
Meat cooking on a vertical rotisserie The meats are seasoned to perfection and slow-roasted over an open flame to capture their individual flavor. The savory cuts are presented on skewers and carved tableside by authentic Gaścho chefs.