NYC Market Trip 2008

Back of the Limo Cheese counter
The view from the cheese Cheese and more cheese Meat Counter
Delectable Seafood The Smoked Fish/Lox Counter Lox cutters
Lox cutters Prepared Chicken Meals Strudel and Kinish
Getting a delicious strudel Getting smoked salmon
Getting smoked salmon The bread counter The bread counter
Looking for goodies Finding goodies
She counts the money! Over 10,000 pounds of coffee sold per week
An olive oil for every taste Violators will be embarrassed! Use tongs with the olives. Taste testing is half the fun
Delicious spreads The world Baked fresh hourly
In front of Fairway, a giant market Selecting the best pomegranates
The fish counter The meat counter
Beautiful desserts Exotic deserts A delivery van
Doing our part to move goods out of NYC The wonderful Adamo limousine bus Looking at the Meat Packing District
The stone bench
A baker Eating lobsters with plastic forks and knives sure must be a challenge!
Looking down what used to be part of Nabisco Nutella Rocks White truffles... About $200/ounce (~$3200 shown here)
I hope the bouncers are standing a couple of steps up from the two guys in front The only way we could take photos...
is if some of the gals got up and danced. Joanne made the barkeep I can