what: M.Oliveira

yeah right... a hair-dryer?? where the heck is that?
now THAT is amazing! do you guys remember this dude?? martha taught us about this artist i think...
wow. i wouldnt want my bike to be stuck in the middle of that... thats so cute! he looks like a little pom-pom with wings! haha. this is one of my favorites.
haha. ok. if i was the one who had to take this picture, i would probably have a heart attack
they this is one of my favorites. it looks so mystical... like an eye... isnt the sunlight beautiful?
im not sure if that tree isnt that so cool? its taken on a boat looking at those sting ray-like things! the snow is up to the freakin top of the telephone poles!!!!! thats crazy!
i think caroline and i were there with our family. it was designed by Gaudi. i think this was taken during the great depression.. sad :( isnt that amazing?? it looks like its all covered in lime green moss...